Free 3D Max Plug in : EASYnat v2.5.138

EASYnat is a plant growth simulator capable of reproducing at a botanically coherent level, growth and seasonal changes among more than 500 plants from 5 continents.

EASYnat enables architects to rapidly visualize and with realism the evolution of a landscaping project. It also cuts production costs and guarantees an investment return, thus providing the architect with a powerful tool able to efficiently respond to the competition.

Created from AMAP technology that was developed by the CIRAD, EASYnat uses both computer science and botany to achieve its end. Plants are calculated from a virtual seed containing an expression of their genetic information. EASYnat can therefore rapidly and instantaneously model botanically coherent plants that are photo-realistic.

This fully functional free version comes with 4 plants (chestnut tree, aleppo pine, flower and oleander). Purchasing just one seed will give you access to the full version of EASYnat 2.5 including updates.

Download here