Free 3D Max Script : Fracture Voronoi

This script breaks any mesh while preserving its volume.

Additional Info:

The picked object is broken in a specified number of parts, using Voronoi cells, and the creation process is visible in the viewport.
For a similar result, it is faster to use several iterations with a small number of parts than creating all the parts in one iteration.
Note that the original object is just hidden, not deleted.

In this version, the code has been improved and runs much faster. But there is no viewport feedback any more.
  • - the outer faces keep their original material IDs and the new faces are assigned a unique ID. The value that appears by default is the highest ID in use + 1.
  • - mapping coordinates (if any) are preserved and somehow 'projected' onto the new faces.
  • - an extra planar mapping is applied and set on its own channel and is consistent between all the pieces, typically for use with 3D procedural maps.
  • - when using several iterations, it is possible to keep the intermediate generations of parts.
  • - when linked, each part is parented to the one it is derived from.
  • - generations are set on their own layers, which are hidden except for the last one.
Download Here :


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