Free Plugin Resmi : Plugin 3D ( Real time Render )

Saya mendapatkan info tentang Plugin ini dan rasanya cukup menarik untuk dicoba, Plug in ini bernama Plugin3D saya sendiri belum mencobanya, tapi tampaknya Plugin ini mampu memberikan Real time render untuk 3ds max kita bahkan dengan jumlah Polygon mencapai Jutaan,...!

dan asiknya Plugin ini Gratis kata produsen nya silahkan lihat 2 dulu aja :)

Untuk detailnya silahkan lihat dibawah ini, detail keterangan ini saya ambil dari Websitenya langsung :


The plug-in is now FREE. Publishing requires licences to be purchased from 'Store' above or from within the plug-in runnign inside 3ds max.

Cubicspace Studios announces plugin3D™ v2.5 (formerly known as rtre™), their latest 3ds max plug-in which enters a new era.

With the familiar look and feel of its predecessor, the emphasis is now even better performance despite larger and more complex scenes; and better realism with the latest materials.

Dynamic real-time updating makes it much easier to experiment with ideas and possibilities during the creation process.

Real-time rendering lets the user instantly see the result of any changes, letting them look and move around the scene exactly as it will finally look. Improved rendering make the scenes more realistic and believable, just like real life.

Included is plugin3D™ Publisher which enables the user to make distributable versions that look exactly the same as in the creation process, and best of all, users without plugin3D™ can still use these on their gaming-compatible Windows PCs. You’ll wonder how you lived without the simplicity of plugin3D™ for 3ds® max® 9 thru 2011.

The release of plugin3D™ v2.5 is the result of Cubicspace continuing to listen to user comments and feedback, for a simple yet very powerful artist solution.

Just look at this impressive list of extra functionality:

  • Greatly increased performance for large and complex scenes in both authoring and publishing
    Enhanced support for built-in 3ds Max materials including procedurals, architectural materials, normal mapping, bump maps and much more
  • New and improved navigation features such as orbit and fly modes as well as customizable gravity for walk mode
    Automatic basic lighting to get users scenes up and running quickly
    The most commonly used menus now accessible through modeless floating dialogs and easily accessible right-click menus to speed up workflow
  • New customizable ground and sky gradients give a quick, easy method to improve the look and feel of your scene
  • Up to 50% saving of original size standalone Published scenes
  • Expanded publishing controls to easily order and switch between multiple cameras within a published scene
  • Free to download. Pay-As-You-Go License Packs start at $395 for 5 licences, saving you $100.
Website downloadnya silahkan klik disini :