3D Monitors : HP's 2311gt

it's one thing to talk about how far computer monitors have come since the first computer, but in the past five years alone, we have seen the arrival of 3D technology you can take home with you. Using a 3D computer monitor for your computer means more than just seeing images you think you can touch, it means higher-quality viewing, a lower pixel pitch and, in some cases, great contrast ratios. The 23-inch HP 2311gt 3D monitor is perfect if you're looking to upgrade your multimedia experience on a budget.
Display & Performance
I tested this monitor via my Dell XPS 17 laptop, using it as an extension monitor. The first thing I noticed was everything looked clearer than on the laptop screen. The colors popped, contrast seemed deeper and the images and videos were sharper. It helps that this 3D monitor has a 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio. While this isn't the highest ratio on the market, HP utilizes color and resolution to make images look impressive.
A lot of the reason behind this clean display comes from the monitor's design specs. This HP 3D monitor features a 0.265 mm pixel pitch. This measurement indicates the diagonal distance between like colored dots on a display screen, and it is one of the principal characteristics that determines the quality of display. The smaller the dot pitch, the crisper the image.
The 3211gt has a brightness of 248 cd/m2. Industry standard says that 300 is ideal, so 248 may not be bright enough for some, but this monitor is bright enough for watching Blu-rays or playing games.
Aside from watching Blu-ray videos, I also played Diablo 3, once with the graphics set to medium and once with them set to high. This is a very graphic-heavy game, and the textures, tones and shadows were stunning. Considering this is a mid-level monitor, the HP 2311gt takes game playing to a new level. The 1920 x 1080 screen allows for a rainbow of colors.
When I turned on the 3D mode, I had to sit back about three feet for the 3D to really work properly. This monitor comes with two 3D glasses, but you can actually use glasses from a movie theater, as well.
The monitor uses passive 3D technology with a film-type patterned retarder (FPR). This filter has two orientations: one for even lines of resolution and one for odd lines. The glasses don't need any electronic parts, but they need a passive polarized filter. Passive 3D creates less than 60 flashes per second, and it is easier to look at for longer periods. Plus, passive glasses are cheaper since they don't require active electronics.
Design Ergonomically speaking, this monitor falls short. Its biggest design flaw is its limited adjustability. It can tilt from 90 degrees to about 65 degrees from the desktop, so your viewing angle is limited. It also won't swivel; you will have to turn the entire monitor. Other than these minor setbacks, the overall design is very sturdy and the plastic feels solid and sturdy.
The ports are very accessible, and it comes with an HDMI cable for the HDMI port. There is also a VGA and DVI-D slot, which work well if you have an older computer with no HDMI port. This monitor only has a 60Hz refresh rate, which can sometimes result in a slightly blurry picture, especially with sporting events. The on-screen display is controlled by four buttons on the bottom right corner of the screen. There are basic output adjustments like contrast and brightness, but you can customize the red, green and blue levels as well. There's also image control, which lets you change anything from contrast to shadows on 3D images. You'll likely want to make some adjustments since the factory settings are too blue and shadows are greyer than they are black.
The HP 2311gt isn't quite a high-level 3D monitor, but it's just a step below. Even for the most demanding viewer, this 3D monitor brings images to life. Make sure you have a graphics card that can handle it, as it will cause some low-end graphics cards to overheat. There are a few omissions and lesser specs, such as a low refresh rate, but in many ways, this monitor competes with some professional-grade 3D monitors.
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